It took more than eight months, but Media Absurdum is celebrating the 1st of November with our 100th post. That’s right, 100 entries and counting.

And, in honor of such an auspicious occasion, we invite you to take stock of some of our most important contributions to the world of online quasi journalism:

Feb. 10, 2005 – Bad Hair: The Early Years
Feb. 16 – An Ass in One Hand, A Drink in the Other
Feb. 17 – Because, Apparently, You Oughta Know
Feb. 23 – Tears of a Clown
Feb. 25 – Yawn
Mar. 15 – Two-Time OscarĀ® Winner Attempts to Smuggle Fruit Into Small Island Nation
Mar. 21 – Celebrity Gossip-Mongering Begets Alcoholism
Mar. 29 – You, Too, Can Smell Like Celine
Apr. 1 – Ozzie and Sharon Baffled by In-Home Pyrotechnics
Apr. 7 – Spears to Enter Homes, Ruin Other People’s Lives
Apr. 13 – Yes, Virginia, There is a Baby Federline
Apr. 19 – Natasha Lyonne: ‘I’m Going to Sexually Molest Your Dog’
Apr. 25 – Happy Birthday, Your Mom’s a Cokehead
Apr. 26 – My Mother is Dianne Wiest and I’m Going to Steal Your iPod
Apr. 28 – Five Reasons Tom Cruise is Dating Katie Holmes
May 3 – Acting is Hard
May 22 – Tara Reid Gets Her ‘Wild On!’
May 29 – MA Exclusive: Notorious Party Girl Val Ferrier
June 25 – Tom & Katie: A Very Special Episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’
Aug. 20 – Courtney Loves Drugs
Aug. 21 – Jude Law: No More Miller Time
Aug. 25 – ScarJo in Accident With Auto
Sept. 17 – You Had Me at ‘Annulment’
Sept. 24 – ‘Cocaine Kate’ Snorts Her Way to Tabloid Hell
Sept. 29 – Kermit Kindly Asks You Not to Lick His Backside
Oct. 14 – Jude and Sienna and Salma… Oh My!

In other egocentric news, Media Absurdum editor Tim Hayne will be contributing to the pop-culture/spirituality blog “Idol Chatter” on multifaith website Frequent visits by MA readers will guarantee him good karma (and a day job).