Keeping up with the relationship antics of British tabloid darlings Jude Law and Sienna Miller is damn near exhausting. According to The Bosh, Law and Miller were spotted out and about at London restaurant Raoul’s this past Wednesday. Miller is said to have been all smiles on her arrival to the restaurant, while Law was captured “beaming” in a photograph taken the following day. This is in stark contrast to their dramatic encounter in Paris just three weeks earlier.

Normally our gossipmongering, celebrity-obsessed selves would be all atwitter at the prospect of a Jude/Sienna reconciliation, but we just don’t have enough energy left to commit to their relationship.

Stay tuned for the inevitable Law/Miller say-it-isn’t-so post-reconciliation breakup news flash.


On-again, off-again, on-again, and now off-again couple of the year, Jude Law and Sienna Miller, were recently spotted arguing in the restaurant of Law’s “exclusive” Paris hotel. Miller’s ire was apparently stoked by actress Salma Hayek’s appearance at Paris hotspot Man Ray, where she and Jude “partied the night away.” The “Melrose Place”-like drama of their relationship is almost too much for Media Absurdum to handle. Here’s a quote from one of the hotel’s hyperbole-prone guests:

“It was astonishing. Sienna was screaming as she flew into the room but Jude appeared completely calm and nonchalant… she was clearly very upset.”

Thanks for the analysis, anonymous yet suspiciously articulate hotel guest.

Sienna, Jude And Salma… – Sky News via Yahoo!

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