Media Absurdum was privileged to attend the November 19th dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live with host Eva Longoria and deafening “musical” guest Korn, but we had no idea our visit to NBC would blessed by a special guest not scheduled to appear.

While waiting in the lobby in what’s dubbed “Kat’s Line,” we watched an unsung member of NBC’s crack news team receive preferential treatment, cutting through security ahead of the unworthy masses.

Much to our surprise, it was the Today Show‘s own Ann Curry at the receiving end of the corporate coddling. She had arrived with her family–a gigantic Viking-husband and two Stepford children–to catch Saturday’s run-through.

A bit later, as we stood on line near the restrooms outside of studio 8H, Ann, with unflinching courtesy, answered a wayward audience member’s inquiry as to which line was for the men’s room and which was for the show. We were taken aback by her willingness to answer even the most un-journalistic of questions.

We found our seats after what seemed an unreasonable amount of time to wait for a rehearsal, and our eyes were immediately drawn to the much-coveted floor seats in desperate search of Curry. But alas, she was nowhere to be found. Just before the dimming of the house lights, as we scanned the cheap seats in a game of “spot the out-of-towners,” we discovered the morning news anchor/bathroom attendant sitting a mere thirty feet away. We were both pleased and a little shocked by her decision to share the experience with us common folk.

As with most episodes of SNL, the show was peppered with hits and misses, but Curry’s huge man-husband seemed to enjoy any and all jokes aimed at President Bush’s brand of buffoonery. The kids were particularly well-behaved, but showed little interest.

The evening’s most perplexing and unexpected moment came when the band took to the stage. Curry, the last person we’d associate with Korn’s brand of crap-rock, appeared enamored with their loud, incoherent stylings, so much so that she foot tapped, head bobbed, and air punched her way through both performances.

We’re still wrestling with the question of who was more entertaining: Ann or the cast?


To all three of Tom Cruise’s remaining fans: You can now breathe a simultaneous sigh of relief. In an effort to clean up his image, the “Mission: Impossible 3” star has seen fit to replace his publicist (and sister), Lee Anne DeVette, with Hollywood veteran Paul Bloch. Although it’s widely accepted that Cruise himself invited the slew of bad press he’s received this year, firing DeVette for failing to put a positive spin on his very public relocation to Crazytown was a shrewd move. A devoted Scientologist herself, DeVette was likely not as alarmed by brother Tom’s on-camera antics as, say, the rest of the world. But Cruise has a soft spot for family; DeVette will remain on the payroll as manager of his philanthropic efforts. Scientology tents for everyone!

Keeping up with the relationship antics of British tabloid darlings Jude Law and Sienna Miller is damn near exhausting. According to The Bosh, Law and Miller were spotted out and about at London restaurant Raoul’s this past Wednesday. Miller is said to have been all smiles on her arrival to the restaurant, while Law was captured “beaming” in a photograph taken the following day. This is in stark contrast to their dramatic encounter in Paris just three weeks earlier.

Normally our gossipmongering, celebrity-obsessed selves would be all atwitter at the prospect of a Jude/Sienna reconciliation, but we just don’t have enough energy left to commit to their relationship.

Stay tuned for the inevitable Law/Miller say-it-isn’t-so post-reconciliation breakup news flash.

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