Kermit Kindly Asks You Not to Lick His Backside

September 29, 2005

Kermit & the Gang, Jim Henson's MuppetsAdmittedly, this is not Media Absurdum’s regular beat, but when an announcement evokes the saccharine memories of childhood edutainment, we pay attention.

As we wrestle with encroaching waves of mind-consuming nostalgia, we have just enough time to ecstatically announce the release of the first stamps ever to feature those wacky prime time puppets, Jim Henson’s Muppets. The colorful, fabric-skinned critters that taught you how to count, spell, and make sarcastic comments from the safety of second-tier box seats have been immortalized in the form of postage. We hope to brighten the day of many a surly bill collector by pressing one of these babies into the upper right corner of our past due payments. Happy philately!

Postal Service Unveils Muppets Stamp Set – Washington Post


One Response to “Kermit Kindly Asks You Not to Lick His Backside”

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