‘Cocaine Kate’ Snorts Her Way to Tabloid Hell

September 24, 2005

Kate Moss, a.k.a. Cocaine Kate
Oops, I missed a line

By living in a cave, Media Absurdum has somehow managed to avoid reportage of any kind concerning the unveiling of model Kate Moss’s obsession with “happy dust.” Well, our pasty white skin has seen the light of day (ooh, it’s bright out here) and we’re ready to publish.

The sudden and very public exposure of Kate’s not-so-secret predilection has gotten her dropped by retailer H&M and booted by coat company Burberry. And British cosmetics company Rimmel has revealed its intention to “revisit” her contract. A public apology made by the 31-year-old model was welcomed by Coty Beauty, Rimmel’s parent company.

“We would like to express our support for all those who undertake the often difficult process of overcoming their problems.”

We remember when little Katie’s media-whoring ways were limited to posing nude and pregnant for Lucian Freud. Oh, how the never mighty have fallen.

Kind words give glimmer of hope to fallen supermodel Kate Moss – AFP via Yahoo!

Media Absurdum encourages you to explore Gawker’s complete coverage of Kate’s career suicide; it’s sarcastically delicious!


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