Unbeknownst to both Sandra Bullock and Catherine Zeta Jones, the two highly paid actresses are too old to play the much-coveted role of Wonder Woman. According to the overly patriotic heroine’s original portrayer, Lynda Carter, the honors should go to a virtual unknown around the age of 20. Ms. Carter has reportedly urged the film’s co-writer and director, Buffy creator Joss Whedon, to stray from the mainstream when casting the film. We’re wondering just how obscure the new star should be, Lynda. Is someone feeling the need to once again sport a snazzy pair of star-spangled hot pants?

Zeta-Jones, Bullock ‘too old’ for Wonder Woman role – Ireland On-Line


Or so it would seem. Professional star and Hollywood good girl Natalie Portman was reportedly pulled over by police at Manhattan’s Midtown Tunnel for her terrorist-like appearance. The actress, who recently shaved her head for a role in James McTeigue’s upcoming V for Vendetta, believes she was turned away under peculiar circumstances:

“They wouldn’t let me go in. But he said to take the bridge instead,” she explains. “And I didn’t understand that logic. If you’re a suspect, don’t take the tunnel take the bridge?”

What’s more upsetting than this miscarriage of justice is the NYPD’s lack of familiarity with the Portman oeuvre.

Natalie Portman Pulled Over for Shaved Head – Zap2it.com

Notorious pary girl Val Ferrier has an opinion on just about everything. When reached for comment (as she trimmed her bangs), she provided us with this pearl of wisdom: “That would never happen to me because I would never shave my head. Like my good friend Britney Spears says, ‘My hair’s my thing, y’all.'”