Tara Reid Gets Her ‘Wild On!’

May 22, 2005

In what can only be described as an act of basic cable benevolence, actress (and we use the term loosely) Tara Reid has been selected as the new host of the recently revived E! series Wild On!. As Ms. Reid continues to make questionable career choices and fades further into obscurity, we ask the question: Will she be missed? With such cinematic classics as Alone in the Dark, Van Wilder and Josie and the Pussycats under her belt, will any aspiring thespian ever be able to fill her vomit-stained shoes? Sarcasm aside, we have to hand it to her; she’s parlayed her partying ways into an actual career. Here’s what E! had to say about it:

“You might think you know her from the myriad magazines highlighting her Hollywood high life, but you are about to experience the real Tara,” the statement said. “We’re no longer the fly on the wall, this time we are on the dance floor, at the bar and even in the penthouses, as we follow the only girl who truly knows how to paint the town (or in this case, the world!) red.”

Remain in a seated position, place your head between your knees and prepare for impact.

Tara Reid to Host Party-Hopping ‘Wild On!’ – ABC News


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