Paula Abdul Denies Having Affair, Talent

April 27, 2005

American Idol judge Paula Abdul has been named as the pursuer of an affair with former Idol contestant Corey Clark, an allegation that will be explored in an upcoming edition of ABC News’ Primetime Live. The alleged pint-sized panderer isn’t amused by Clark’s accusation and her publicist has come forward in her defense:

“Paula Abdul will not dignify the false statements made by Corey Clark with a response. Mr. Clark is an admitted liar and opportunist who engages in unlawful activities. He is communicating lies about Paula Abdul in order to generate interest in a book deal.”

This sudden media attention appears opportunistic: Both Idol and the upcoming Primetime Live report, set to “explore explosive claims about behind-the-scenes activities,” are seeking to draw the much-desired attention of viewers during May sweeps. It’s common knowledge that FOX will do just about anything for ratings; ABC must have run out of Desperate Housewives-related programming.

Paula Abdul Dismisses Claims Of Affair By ‘Idol’ Contestant

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