My Mother is Dianne Wiest and I’m Going to Steal Your iPod

April 26, 2005

Emily Wiest, the 17-year-old daughter of two-time Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest, has been charged with second-degree robbery after she and two of her classmates allegedly battered a male student, stealing his iPod and a pair of glasses in the process. The three teenagers – all students of The Beekman School on Manhattan’s East Side – were arrested and held overnight in a midtown precinct.

A fellow student had this to say about Ms. Wiest’s behavior:

“I know her. She wouldn’t do anything like that,” said the classmate, who did not wish to be identified. “She’s not the nicest person but she wouldn’t beat up someone smaller than her.”

As if the young man’s ego hadn’t been bruised enough in the attack, the classmate backed up her statement by stating that the victim “is pretty scrawny and she wouldn’t have hurt him.”

Perhaps Emily had been wronged in a previous life and was just looking for a little East Side justice.

Rob rap for movie star’s kin – New York Daily News


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