Update: Thompson to be Celebrated Then Shot From Cannon

April 6, 2005

Enigmatic and often erratic writer Hunter S. Thompson is scheduled to have his final wish fulfilled this August. The celebrated author and journalist, who committed suicide this past February, will have his ashes shot from a cannon outside his home in Aspen, Colorado.

The cannon will be mounted inside a permanent 53ft high monument of Thompson’s trademark “Gonzo fist”, a fist on an upthrust forearm which sometimes had Gonzo scrawled across it.

The send-off is said to be the focal point of a “public celebration.” Thompson’s wife and son released this statement:

“It is entirely fitting that Hunter, as a master of politics and control, chose to take his life on his own schedule by his own hand, rather than submitting to fate, genetics or chance.”

“Though we will miss him bitterly, we understand his decision. Let the world know that Dr Hunter S Thompson died with his glass full, a fearless man, a warrior.”

Cannon fire send-off for Thompson – BBC News

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