Venus and Serena Williams have become the latest celebrities to land themselves a reality television series. The tennis twosome will appear in an untitled series for ABC Family scheduled to air in June. The show will focus on the “reality” of the sisters’ day to day lives as they interact with the world outside of tennis. Sandwiched between reruns of Full House and Step by Step, does the show stand a chance?

Tennis sisters net own TV show – The Electric New Paper


You can’t win ’em all. Actress Hilary Swank lost her legal battle with the government of New Zealand, forcing the fruit smuggler to cough up an exorbitant $142 in fines. Swank was stopped at Auckland International Airport in January after an apple and orange were discovered in her luggage. She refused to pay the paltry sum at that time and later sent her lawyers and a letter of protest to an Auckland court. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. The Million Dollar Baby star was again slammed with the $142 penalty. What is that sound? Why, it’s the world’s smallest violin.

Swank Fined – The Celebrity Cafe

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Showboating French Canadian Celine Dion has made her new fragrance, Belong, a global commodity. The odorous concoction is being described as a “feminine flowery oriental scent.” Ms. Dion had this to say:

It’s about a woman’s inner beauty, her confidence, her passion, and her sensuality. It’s the way I like to feel about myself.

Side effects may include chest thumping, rhythmic swaying and an overwhelming desire to perform in Vegas for unholy sums of money.

Belong By Celine Dion Goes Global – Fashion Monitor Toronto

Far too many theater patrons unwittingly parted with their money over the past three days and those stand-up comedians we call journalists have come up with some clever, hip ways of headlining this weekend’s Hollywood haul. MA understands you’re trying to keep your lunch down, so we’ve kept the list to a minimum (Warning: grammatical whimsy may cause minor stomach discomfort):

Guess Who beat Sandra Bullock – Rediff
Ashton’s top ‘Guess’ – New York Daily News
‘Guess Who’ is No. 1, so guess who is No. 2? – USA Today
Just Guess Who – Toronto Sun

Read why the movie shouldn’t have been number one in the first place:

Don’t even try to ‘Guess Who’ – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Perpetually perspiring diva Whitney Houston has once again checked herself into rehab, one year after her first 5-day stint in a clinic. The singer has admitted to abusing cocaine, marijuana and an assortment of pills. Houston’s is the third in a series of announcements regarding rehab check-in: Pat O’Brien and Billy Joel recently entered programs for the treatment of alcoholism. Friends and family undoubtedly recognized the problem when the chanteuse was pressed to hire a towel boy for stage performances.

Whitney reaches out for help with addiction – Glasgow Evening Times

Several competitors on last night’s episode of American Idol were horribly misrepresented in the polls, and this time their lack of talent wasn’t to blame. Producers of the show mistakenly displayed the phone numbers of other contestants as the aspiring pop stars gave it their all (or nothing). The telephonic tragedy will be corrected when a repeat of last night’s performances, complete with the corrected digits, airs tonight.

Mix-up means `Idol’ contestants get new vote
– AP

Actor turned director Ben Affleck is set to helm his first feature film. The Beantown native has signed on to direct the crime drama, Gone, Baby Gone. Based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, the film will focus on the search for a missing 4-year-old girl set against the backdrop of a blue collar Boston neighborhood. Pursuant to box office success, Affleck has elected not to appear in the film.

Affleck to make directorial debut – JAM! Movies