Be gentle… I’m a virgin

February 10, 2005

As I’m sure you’re all atwitter thanks to the choice wording of this inaugural entry’s headline, I’ll introduce my blog with brevity and a monosyllabic vocabulary (not really). If you’ve read the title and subtitle of the blog I’m sure you have an inkling about what this site is… well… about. I have an unnatural and unnerving obsession with pop culture and all things not worth knowing. The lack of an outlet for said useless information has forced me to utilize a medium increasing in popularity and seemingly ubiquitous in the world of the net-savvy. This blog will be updated with all sorts of interesting yet impractical tidbits of information, links to questionable content, and folderol regarding those media whores we call celebrities. Yes, I do realize there are a million other blogs out there committed to the same dissemination of the distasteful, but this one is mine.

One last thing: Please don’t wait with bated breath for the daily update of this blog. Contrary to popular belief, I do have a day job.


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